Real Estate is Broken. We’re Fixing It.

How many times have we searched for a new home only to realize we don’t know anything about the area? How about when you’re trying to sell your home and find out that the market isn’t set to deliver the best results? These gaps in information can easily become roadblocks to accomplishing your goals, and furthermore, it starts to dissolve your trust in your agent. That’s why 8z Real Estate is taking a new approach to doing business.

We’re looking to fix real estate by making the process more transparent, and it’s starting with our website. We’ve built new community guides, so you can learn about the neighborhood before you make a decision on your favorite home for sale. We’re introducing new content about owning a home, so you know what to watch out for even after you’ve completed your business with us. And lastly, we’re putting a bigger spotlight on ourselves. Real estate is more about the people than the houses and transactions. We want you to trust in us and feel confident in what you’re doing.

Take a step forward and see how 8z Real Estate is different than the typical real estate brokerage!