Giving Back

8z Real Estate team members do more than market neighborhoods to buyers. We support them.

We understand that helping our clients find their dream home is the start of a lifetime relationship and not a one-time transaction. The community is always at the heart of what makes people happy about their living situation. With a strong community, you can find neighbors to help you through difficult times. You can find new friends and enjoy backyard cookouts together. You can watch your children grow up with their neighborhood friends. Because we live in the communities we represent and understand how integral they are to creating a positive environment, we regularly support organizations that go above and beyond in helping build a strong community. Below are just a few of the charities that we give back to in our local communities:

Greenhouse Scholars

Salute Colorado

Ironman Foundation

Mission Viejo


Environmental Learning for Kids

Rocky Mountain Cycling Club

The Greenway Foundation

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