The 8z Culture

8z's Culture Book

Real estate is our passion. But our community means so much more.

Our core values are an extension of who we are.

These are the values we view the world through:

8z Real Estate CheckboxClients First:
We put our clients’ interests above our own.  Whatever the situation, asking, “What’s best for the client?” is a reliable way of arriving at the correct decision. Note, this is sometimes at odds with what’s best for the Realtor (at least in the short run).


8z Real Estate CheckboxHelpfulness:
Our default setting is to offer help. We don’t let our egos get in the way of doing our best to serve others with a sense of humility.


8z Real Estate CheckboxTransparency:
We strive to provide home buyers and sellers as much information as possible about the inventory, specific properties, and the transaction process. We are open about what we do and why we do it. We don’t keep secrets.


8z Real Estate CheckboxIntegrity:
Very simply, we do what we say we will do. Customers have high standards for trustworthiness, and we work hard to surpass those expectations.


8z Real Estate CheckboxRespect:
We are professionals and, as such, treat our colleagues and clients with respect and courtesy. Unprofessional behavior, such as yelling at a teammate, is simply not tolerated at 8z. Communicating with a client in a disrespectful manner is an unforgivable “cardinal sin” that will result in being asked to leave the team.


We’re constantly striving to learn more and help others along the way.

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